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Another side to the " six wheeler" story - and how it closed the first chapter of my slot racing history:

I moved to southern California in 1962 and brought a few of my 1/24 Merit and Strombecker bodied cars with me. They followed the pattern that I had developed as a follow-on to my tinplate Scalextric: machined aluminum chassis fitted with Pittman DC 703 motors (originally called "conversion" motors since they were intended as replacements for the cheap Japanese motors (Mabuchi!) supplied with the HO guage Hobbytown diesel locomotives), aluminum wheels with Strombecker tires and home built teflon guides with phosphor bronze contacts.

I found a hobby shop with a track (the first commercial track I had ever seen) in El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego. They had weekly races with an entry fee of a few dollars. At the end of the evening, the winner got a percentage of the pot. For several months, we enjoyed a beer or two on the way home with our winnings.

On evening, a fellow showed up with a Porsche F 1 car fitted with two DC 703s at the rear - a six wheeler! It was faster than my best car and my protests that no such car existed were met with "Well, it might have been" (I think the group was tired of seeing only the tail of my cars) I found a 6 volt Globe motor in a surplus catalog, built a sidewinder chassis and returned to the fore. A couple of weeks later, the same 6 wheel Porsche showed up sporting green tires about 1/2" wide and was again accepted.

The next day, I packed away my cars and visited a little shop in La Jolla were I was living and bought a ship model!

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