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6 year old build

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Here's a car I built about 6 years ago. Don't think I've posted this one before.

As per usual, it's built the way I would have built it in the 60s. All parts are mid 60s, including the brass and braid.

Don't know why I always take the pics before I get the body finished, and, then don't find time to take a couple more once it IS.

OOPs, I fibbed. Just realized they are my wheels and inserts. But, they look Sixties-ish, and, the inserts are old 60s Revell clones, so, not too far off really.

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very neat build, as per your usual standard Al. me those rear engined sports cars just cry out for brass panned anglewinder set up( usually having to carve away a bit of endbell), allowing a full cockpit....I realise your intent is to re create what was happening for you in the 60's,
and you've done so beautifully.
...dynamic over brass pan was used a fair bit by myself and frinds, in the sixties ,back in Toronto too
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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