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Wow, actually there's loads...

Why aren't you guys making more of these? Eh?

Just search for "vintage" in the Scalextric & Slot Car catagory, and loads come up. Some are cheap like the ones above but there are some more expensive, mint versions too. Get building chaps... If I had any clue, I would.


· Allan Wakefield
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Hey! I like the first one -

QUOTE Light green Race Tuned original BRM body shell.

Ok so what exactly can you do to just a body to race tune it?

Better than saying it is RARE I guess.

· Alan Tadd
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Why not have a go Lotus?...You could easily use your carbon fibre technology to create a narrow chassis for an old F1. It would go very well I would imagine and it would be great to see some of the younger members of the Forum taking part and not just us "old F****".


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