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Ey Up Guys,

Unless I am very much mistaken, that is Airfix track !!. Not often seen on the forum. Lets see the rest of it.

A couple of interesting cars in there too.

The Porsche was a small car, that just might be 1/24th !!. But I dont think so, it is just the lens perspective in photo #1 & #2.

vbr Chris A.

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The 906 is 2mm narrower and 5mm shorter then the Goat. It's the old Strombecker body.

It is also however, possibly the worlds first Popsicle stick chassised car, being BWA Popsicle Chassis number 001, being the first one I built in about 1996.

Airfix track.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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