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On the 1st July MHSC are going to hold a 6hour endurance race supporting the Air ambulance and would invite teams of between 3/4 people.
Rules are below, and it would cost (40pounds) per team, (keyboard fault no pound sign), I hope there is some interest in this event and would ask you to let me know if your club is interested, I would also ask for deposits of 15pounds to be made payable to MHSC.

Rules below

LMP Endurance

Any Car from the following Manufacturers that has Competed in LMP1 or 2 at Le Mans or in the ALMS or LMS

Avant, Sloter, Ninco, Scalextric, Fly, SCX, Spirit, MB Slot, NSR, Scaleauto


Motors will be Boxer /2-20h, MN08h open can. Motors will be tested on the day. Any motor that revs more than 10% above the average at 15v will not be allowed.

No magnets may be fitted.

Cars may run with added ballast up to 10grammes.

Max axle width 65 mm rear, front, not more than 1mm outside the body on either side, measured with tyres fitted.

Any axles may be used from the manufacturers of the above eligible cars provided they fit without chassis modification, including Ninco Pro-race, NSR, MB Slot, Hobby Slot, & Slotline parts are allowed. Wheels must be 17x8 alloy or Mag Alloy.

Any bearings may be used from the above manufacturers. Bearings may be glued in. Roller bearings allowed.

Tyres will be supplied F22 20x12 supplied on the day

Any motor may be used from the eligible list in any chassis, proprietary mounts may be used. Motors may not be modified. Motors may be glued and or taped in place.

Chassis may not be changed modified or painted. On cars where exhausts protrude through the body, these may be removed.

All cars must run with full interior and driver, Body may be painted. Windows may not be painted. Lightweight interiors may be used but they must be from a recognised manufacturer such as Gom.

Body screws may be run loose.

Any guide blade may be used from the above eligible cars, provided it fits without chassis modification, guide blades and posts may be trimmed. Sprung guides may be used with or without spring or shortened spring.

Tyres must be of a consistent natural texture. No super glue or nail varnish or similar on tyres.

14) Teams may have three or four drivers, minimum 1 hour max 2 hours driving time. Race length 6 hours

15) Gears must be used 9 tooth pinion 26 tooth contrate.

16) Anything not mentioned in the rules is not allowed.

Please support this event if you can

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oxford are up for it mate, is this in events section too somwere?


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Unfortunatly the rules above are incorrect and need updating, I am glad to hear that your club can raise a team and you will be sent an updated set of rules as soon as they are agreed.
They are on the MHSC website and if anyone else would like to get a team together then please could you make contact via pm or through the MHSC web site MHSC. CO.UK
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