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6hrs of The RockBull Ring July 31st - August 1st 2021 @ Rockingham SCC

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Rockingham Slot Car Club are pleased to invite entries for our 1st digital event of 2021 which will be run to DiSCA WEC GT Specification.
The date for your diaries is the weekend of July 17th-18th (Around 10 weeks from now).
Rules can be found at

The event will be a 6 hour endurance race and be open to teams of 2 or more with a maximum of 14 teams.

The event will be run using the usual hand out tyres, 2 sets of N18 and 1 set of F22 compound, these will be available for practice/qualifying on Sunday morning.
There will be no handout motors, we will however be keeping a eye on suspect cars and will be working on the trust of our fellow competitors!
Any suspect cars may be subjected to an RPM test.

Entry fee is £40 per team and entries will be confirmed on receipt of an initial deposit of £10 which can be made via paypal to [email protected]
*NOTE* In the event that Rockingham has to cancel the event due to any Government imposed restrictions all deposits WILL BE REFUNDED.
Deposits paid by any team that "No Shows" WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
Entry fee remaining balance of £30 per team should be paid on the day.

A full timetable will be announced in due course.

We hope that you're all as keen to get racing as we are.

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Hello friends, how very, very nice it is to see this announcement.

Sports Carazing request one car for now. Deposit has been payed. If we could have ID 9 or 7, that'd be lovely. Aspiring detectives may attempt to identify the car based on this request ;)

All the best, see you all soon :thumbsup:
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Hi Nik

I can bring some extra tyres for practice sessions just in case
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Hello guys

Personally I think the decision not to offer firmware is a bad one. If anything I’d expect more help than “normal” seeing as we’ve all been away from it for so long, so this is a bit disappointing to read.

Not everyone has dongles and Slotit software at home to do it themselves. Also consider that if a chip blows and you replace it with one out of the packet it’ll ideally need to be updated. Using Siemens nRF toolbox can also be tricky unless you have an ARC power base, negating the use for magnets, but I’m guessing the club won’t be supplying that either for whatever reason.

I will bring laptop, dongle and ARC power base for easier Bluetooth flashing. Anyone needs firmware, just ask.
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