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Results and analysis of this successful four hour, thirty driver event can be found at NMRL 6th Annual Endurance Challenge

Many thanks to several parties who made this event possible.

To ScaleRacing/ for providing the four Porsche 956 cars and Kelvin Lights lighting kits (and bringing over those yahoos from Port Angeles for the race).

To "Iceman" MacKenzie for his excellent job re-liverying two of the cars so we'd have four different cars running instead of two pairs.

To Dale "The Dude" Thomas for installing the lighting kits and making his EXCELLENT South Hill Raceway Scalextric Sport layout available to us for this event.

And the biggest THANK YOU of all to Samantha Thomas for once again allowing our ragtag band of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging scale racers to have the run of her house (shoes off please).

Dude has also posted some video of the event with soundtrack which can be accessed from the NMRL homepage. Feel free to have a look around the rest of the site too. He's done a bang-up job there.

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