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Ford GT

Track problems prevented the use of green lane so totals are for 5 races.

1st Nick 110.28
2nd Ashley 110.24
3rd Elliot 108.97
4th Gary 107.12
5th Martin 105.33
6th Syd 105.13
7th Rob 104.89
8th Mick 101.55
9th Mike 98.72
10th Kevin 98.56
11th Dave 96.20
12th Simon 86.45


1st Elliot 141.14
2nd Riko 138.35
3rd Nick 135.01
4th Martin 134.00
5th Rob 128.60
6th Mick 128.29
7th Mike 125.36
8th Syd 122.90
9th Kevin 117.11
10th Simon 101.48
11th Dave 68.25
12th Ashley 29.45

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Results are so interesting close between Syd and Martin in ford gt and Rob and Mick in open gt, was a good nights racing those nascars are great, thank you so much Syd awesome job on those! Finally dam you Nick have won a night for ages denied by next to nothing glad I pushed you to the limits was great fun racing
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