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A big one is ceasing production... is this true?

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I read in a Spanish blog of odemo which is a very serious slot personage that there is some info going around (he says originating from Hong Kong)
about a big slot manufacturer which will stop production.

Does anyone know anything about this? Which big slot manufacturer is having this level of difficulties?

If a big one means Scalextric/Carrera/SCX/Ninco, then I hope is Ninco.

Scalextric and Carrera would be dramatic if they closed and SCX is just more fun than Ninco.

PS. By the way I am not trying to spread doom, in fact I think the slot scene is quite healthy and will remain this
way for long stretch. I am just curious.
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The 2012 Revell price list does not contain any new slots. Time will tell if any of the big 4 cease production but i'd be suprised to see anything new from Autoart.
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