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A big one is ceasing production... is this true?

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I read in a Spanish blog of odemo which is a very serious slot personage that there is some info going around (he says originating from Hong Kong)
about a big slot manufacturer which will stop production.

Does anyone know anything about this? Which big slot manufacturer is having this level of difficulties?

If a big one means Scalextric/Carrera/SCX/Ninco, then I hope is Ninco.

Scalextric and Carrera would be dramatic if they closed and SCX is just more fun than Ninco.

PS. By the way I am not trying to spread doom, in fact I think the slot scene is quite healthy and will remain this
way for long stretch. I am just curious.
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I heard rumours recently that a big company was going to buy another big company and when I asked the director of the big company to confirm, he didn't, so there you have it. This is how it works.

I'm sure that we'll see at the International Toy Fair next week who is there and who has a program for 2012.
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