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Hi everybody!

This is one of my last projects, a Maserati kit from George Turner.

I decided to make the Maserati version which Brazilian driver Celso Lara Barberis took 3rd place in the 500Km of Interlagos 1961. Although George's kit comes with a beaultiful resin chassis, I built a brass one, using George's as template.

The motor used came from a Sloter Lola T70, and it provides (in my opinion) enough power to make this 87 grams car move nicely around the track. (thanks for the tip Al - BWA)

I made some wheatering on the body, in order to capture the same appearance of these cars here in those days..

By the way, in this race, Celso was enrolled in two cars and also took 1st place in another Maserati, but a 450S model. (but he was driving this one pictured when crossed the finish line).

Hope you like the pictures above and below.

Cheers!! Ricardo Bifulco


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The chassis is a work of art. VERY tidy soldering, beautifully made. Stunning.

I LOVE the paint finish. The flat red is amazing - how did you do it?

Altogether one of the best cars I have seen on here for a while.

Awesome work

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I must concur with the paint finish. Gorgeous gentle sheen. Any more information on the finish would be gratefully received.

The driver is also a delight.

George's models are a constant temptation. I gave a pair of his Morgans to His Lordship for his birthday. Must buy a couple of others for myself.


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Wow ...... those pictures sent a shiver running down my neck & spine. What an outstanding achievement, fabulous skills.

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Nino that is a stunning car, GT kits are really beautiful and you have made a wonderful job of building it, love the chassis too.
Just like everyone else I want to know how you did the paint finish.

Just asking the question but...

Don't you think that painting the wheels silver would match the body finish better?


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Hi guys! Thank you so much for your kind words. It is always a pleasure to share my projects here

Regarding the matt finish on the body, it was achieved using an automotive matting compound, It is a kind of paste to be mixed with thynner.

I use automotive acrylic paints. After primmering the car, I mix about 5 to 10% of acrylic automotive varnish in the color and airbrush the body. (about 5 coats).

After that, using Winton or Winsor oil based paints, I made all the washing in the panels and effects desired to give some weathering look, dirt, etc..
The pictures do not show very clear, but I also applied some silver paint in some edges of the body using dry-brush technique to highlight some points and simulate that red coat started to discolor and show the metal base.

In the next day, I mix about 5% of the matting compound with the acrylic automotive varnish, properly thynned and apply two or three coats of it on the body of car.

If you feel that the finish is something too flat or not enough flat, it is just adjust the mixing for the next coat.

When everything is dry, if necessary, you can use a little, really little bit of car wax and apply it gentle with a piece of soft cotton to obtain a satin finish.

In my case, in this car, it was not necessary to apply the wax as described above.

Oh, regarding the wheels, Tifosi, I totally agree with you and I will apply some silver paint on them within the next days. I was building the car for our annual Revival meeting here at Shelby Modelismo Clube and I was concerned about not have everything set on time.

By the way, I'll try to post some pictures of the event as soon as possible.

Thank you all guys


Ricardo Bifulco

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Just nothing short of glorious Ricardo. Fabulous! With regard to obtaining a none gloss finish, there is whats called a matting base which is available from most paint factors. This is simply ground chalk in a resin which is added drop by drop to the paint. It needs mixing very thoroughly to avoid a streaky finish.And I mean thoroughly! It also weakens the paint. To be honest i'm not sure if it's suitable for all paints, but as you can see from Ricardos photographs, it works. Top marks buddy!


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I can only agree with all the well deserved praise. Absolutely gorgeous, inside and out, it rivals anything I've ever seen. Artistry!

If you hadn't explained how you achieve that beautiful finish, I would have thought you were lucky enough to have a stash of lead paint left over from before the ban.

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Outstanding job! The finish is absolutely perfect. Having been active in motorsports "in the day" I can assure you that the cars, as they ran, looked nothing like the over-restored museum pieces one sees today.

Another approach to a flat (or nearly flat) finish. I recently did a pair of Porsche 804s - contemporary photos show a matte aluminum finish but I wanted a finish that would survive racing so I broke all the rules about mixing type and brands of paint:

Base: Tamiya Gray Primer
Color: AlClad flat aluminum air brushed - 5 coats
1st protector : Tamiya Clear Gloss (to provide a glossy surface for decals
2nd protector: (over decals) Tamiya Clear Gloss - 3 coats, 1 mist & 2 full
Final: Testor's DullCoat (rattle can)

no runs, sags, wrinkles or dissolved decals!

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