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Did not see any frogs around ... there I go !

Actually digital was created to overtake cars and have maybe a more "realistic" race than gigantic 10-lines raceways.

More people on less track surface. 1/32 cars on a scale raceway.

So you can see people trying to overtake on line 2 or 7 and you will see people overtaking car on lane 4 by getting on lane 5 .. or 3 in a couple of months !

We often race on 6 line tracks, but I think the track design is much more sympathetic on 4 ways.

As noticed before, with more than 10/12 cars, 6 running lines is more appreciable. But the very important thing is the way the car wil come back after getting out of the track.
So we often see that lane 1 and 6 are important for the fluidity of trafic. Not used for racing, but as "accelerating zone"

Digital is good for you!
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