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A different type of slot system?

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I saw these cars on ebay just a couple months ago, and a friend in the US got them for me, because the guy wouldn't ship overseas. Anyway, they seemed interesting because of the odd guide system, and I even thought of the New Jersey club that supposedly got its start in 1947 and talked about a "tether" slot guide system a bit like this... But when I saw them, they didn't really correspond to that.

From the top they just look like normal period Strombecker 1/24 kit conversions... except for that funny guide arm sticking out the side...

But when you look inside, things get a little more complicated - I had seen the capacitor, not that unusual, but there also seems to be a diode in there, so obviously some type of multiple cars on a lane system, with lane changing...

Probably home-made steering, but looks a bit like the K&B unit also... I had thought the cars would be early 60s, in line with the Strombecker kits, but those are later model Strombecker motors, from their set cars, and one of the cars has Rannalli tires, altho those could be added later.. And then looking at the guide arrangement on the bottom, things get more complicated! Not really sure how this was supposed to work - there's a front pin that's spring loaded - they little white button thing, and then the trailing arm, with a fiber board holding another short pin and the braids... Don't recognize those nylon bevels either.

So, nothing definite, but an interesting experiment in any case. Since I didn't get the cars directly, I don't have much info on the seller, but I think they came out of Ohio, if that helps anyone - would be very interested to know more about this system!

And just as a counterpoint, here's a rather conventional 50s F1 conversion from about the same time, this time with a Merit Vanwall body on a Dynamic chassis... and a very cool Chiquita banana sticker!

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Hello Don,

I´m not specialist in electronics and 1:24 slot, so that I might fail in what is going to say, but my hypothesis is:

the first owner used a transformer 6V with the reference H19 of Strombecker'60. which was the second transformer marketed by Strombecker ( or first when 1:32 to do Strombecker scale cars ) .

That transformer was designed to run car carrying Japanese motors 3.5 V Kako, that were included in the first 1:24 of Strombecker cars 1959/60 and the budget versions of the Jaguar D 1:32 included in the circuits 312 and 313 (by the way the car is not the first version of that model and those circuits are not the first as some sources say ... but that's another story ...).

The issue is Kako 3.5 V motor is a low volume performance and a very complicated due largely to its side magnets, as a consequence it is very difficult to make mechanical changes.

I think the first owner of a material Merit / Strombecker 1959 or 1960 (references static kits Mercedes and Maserati GP GP and D43 D41, respectively), in turn transformer 1960 and commented at some point change from 1963 standart engine mechanics using open Strombecker 12V ( really built for Strombecker by Igarashi of Japan).

The new chassis, motors etc give more guidance and performance but the first owner still has the same old transformer ! .

I apologize because my knowledge of electronics are not adequate, but I think the capacitors appear to have a transformer 6V with 12V powered cars.

There were a few years following the sale of Strombecker hands of Strombeck-Becker Dowst in which there were no developments at 1:24.

During this time, fans of this scale and the mark, had no solution to customize their own cars with original Strombecker parts, then they did these things.
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My excuses,
really Philippe has reason and he has corrected me well. they are 1965 versions of the Igarashi motor first issued in 1963 for Strombecker

PD: I understand that Don has been wrong and has wanted to say 1957 ... or not?
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