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Ferrari have been part of the motor racing scene for so long, it seems to me that a thread devoted to Enzo (and associated plumbing) is due, or even overdue. The marque has millions of devotees all over the world, of course, so a general discussion might well be worthwhile.

Would love to see your slot cars - of all types - and greatly look forward to reading your comments. A Red Thread with the Chiti/Selsdon 1949 Le Mans winner to kick things awf.

Thank you in advance.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

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If I start on the display cases I will be a bit busy but here is the top shelf of my Ferrari sports cars

Not officially a Ferrari, the Auto Avia

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

125S by Modelant

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

The 166 by Fasten Belts, excellent 3D print and a really good performer on track, I am building up a second one to race :)

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Plant

195S by Ocar (and me) looking a little care worn but it has raced a lot! Ninco 166 LM winner behind

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Aston martin db5

Revell Highway 340, also well used.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

MMK Mille Miglia

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car

Pug ugly 'egg' from Carrera, I love it!

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Another MMK, LM car this time but I cannot find the note of the model.

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

If I get chance over the next few days I will try to photograph the second shelf :)
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