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. . . now that the "race cars you never heard off" thread is buried . . .

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Forgetting my manners (my excuse is that I had car problems)

Competitors to Ferraris from the 50s. Great looking BMW (not many of those around)
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle White

The one and only successful Aston.
Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle Trousers

Not terribly successful, but very nice Cunningham (I think)
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

So ugly, it's actually beautiful (and rather effective) 450 Maserati, Zagato with the help of Frank Costin.
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

The obligatory 300SL (try that as a colour scheme)
Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle

Not to forget the beautiful Lancia D23
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

And just because I can, Siata 208CS
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle White


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Thanks Joel, I'll look into that. I found a 250 Testarossa 3d file I forgot about,shared to me by NIMROD ,that should work out for that Otaki chassis ,
So I can at least get it looking somewhere close to what it should. A pity I can't find 158 3d file for one of the Midori chassis!
Cheers and thanks for the help.
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3121 - 3140 of 3190 Posts