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You have to wonder why and how people can justify spending good design time (and money) to create this sort of stuff.
Still, each to their own.
Time for some music, again an artist I would necessarily listen to all day, but you have to recognise talent.
Weirdly, I thought this lady was from Morocco, turns out she is a much more complex person than I thought, and she's had a tremendous career.
Meet Natasha Atlas, a true citizen of nowhere, singing one of Francoise Hardy's tunes (written by someone else)

Sometimes, things are a little bit more complicated than the simpletons can imagine; still, if you are born of a small-town vicarage in rural nowhere, it's easy to think life is simple.


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It's a Ferrari Jim but not as we know it...

It's a 156 F1-63, the first Ferrari F1 car with a monocoque chassis but it didn't even last for the full 1963 season being replaced by the 156 Aero.

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

An original Policar

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Toy

Just a little on the plump side

Land vehicle Vehicle Toy Car Motor vehicle

Probably so they could fit at standard S can motor. The car also has 'steering', the guide has a hole through which the axle fits quite loosely, with nothing else holding the axle in place. As the guide turns so does the front axle with lots of side to side movement but it does work.

While we're talking of Policar I've done a bit of work on my SRC Ferrari 312 T4 which now has one of Andrew Rowland's 3D front ends, from Shapways, and a Policar gearbox unit.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Toy

Toy Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle

I just need to find where I have put the support for the standard rear wing, if I can't find it I will have to fit the Monaco wing but the cars marking are wrong for that race.
1441 - 1460 of 1535 Posts