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Hi All

I am clearing out some of my cars that I don't use to make some space in the loft. I will try to be as accurate as possible with any flaws the cars have. All cars are WITHOUT magnets fitted unless otherwise stated. I will supply the original magnet with the car if required. I run ALL of my cars in at 3v from new just to help bed the brushes in. All cars are boxed, some are not the original boxes and I will try to point this out in the descriptions below

UK postage is £3.50 for the first car and £1 per car after that for multiples. Please feel free to ask me any questions and make offers if there is something you are interested in.

Slot it Porsche 962C Fortuna. The car has been run in at 3v and ran about 20 laps of my home circuit. It has WASP urethane rear tyres. Immaculate as new condition. £40

Team slot R5 Maxi Turbo. As new tyres trued, ran in and test laps £20

Scalextric Lightning McQueen. Ran in and tyres trued. Few test laps. Still has magnet installed. £25

Fly Sisu truck, IPS. Great condition. Tyres trued and very light home use. Cardboard sleeve missing £45

Fly Panoz cars, Very light use. WASP rear tyres £20 each or £35 the pair. White one has crack in front and rear of box, red one has crack to rear corner of box

Fly Venturi #11, Light use, WASP rear tyres. In after market Fly box. £15

Fly Porsche 98GT1, Custom Red Bull livery. Slot it gear, Alloy wheels with photo etched inserts and break discs. High gloss automotive clear coat over metallic blue and silver base. Slight paint off mirror tops. Box and car in great condition. Light home laps only. £40

Spirit Mazda, Alloy wheels and inserts, WASP tyres. Chassis modified to fit the car properly. After market mirrors and aerial, Light home use. £25

Avant slot Peugeot 908 Matmut livery. Great condition, WASP rear tyres. Light home use only. Currently fitted with a 19,000RPM motor which can be left in or replaced with the original Orange can. £40

Scalextric Alfa touring car. Working lights, alloy wheels and inserts, roof aerial, WASP tyres. Not correct Scalextric box. £15

Scalextric ford focus WRC. Replacement mirrors and roof aerials. Great condition with magnet. Not original box but re labelled. £15

I have listed the cars at what I think is a fair price. Please feel free to PM me any offers I dont bite
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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