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For those of you who do not go in the scratchbuilt forum , here is a link to part 1 and another link to part 1/48th

In some respects, these cars are not as spectaculars as the F1s, but there are still a few interesting details.
Like steering and hand painted liveries, plus a couple of nice surprises.

First is my favorite one, a vac form Ford 3 litres with full interior.

The motor is mounted at a very shallow angle to the axle, although a lot of work has gone in, the solder work is a bit untidy, and hasn't been cleaned up. I think that with a bit of work, it will go really well.

Next a couple of hydrids (long before Toyota launched theirs)

Ford MkIV with a Cox chassis

And Ford Mirage with a Revell chassis

King Cobra with scratch chassis

Next is the fisrt surprise, a Chaparal 2F with working wing

Again the solder work is a bit untidy, may be because, unlike the F1s, it is not so visible.

Wing works with some sort of spring loaded friction brake fitted to 1 rear wheel. I haven't fully worked out how it's done, or managed to take a clear enough picture yet.

Last, this cute little mini with front wheel drive and trailing arm rear suspension

Besides all else, I think this guy had a real talent for painting numbers.

That's all folks


Tony Condon
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Hi Joel
lovely interesting collection
Re the solder it looks ot me that although the builder was not without talent he either didn,t have big enough soldering iron or used the wrong type of solder
all the joints on those chassis want reflowing and then cleaning up
I am sure you are up to the job

cheers tony

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Very nice Joel, and just as interesting as the F1s in their own way. Despite all that piano wire, none of those are steering chassis are they? (except the Cox and Revell, which have some kind of steering unit grafted on...)

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