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A couple of years ago, we had a thread (in the Vintage forum) about a collection sold on Ebay click here

This year, another collection turned up, and again, it seems it was built by someone racing at home, and purely for his own enjoyment.

I was lucky enough to secure a few of the lots for sale.

I have posted here as they are as much scratchbuilt as they are vintage

The only GT car was this Maserati, and it is actually quite disappointing. No interior, odd wheels cut arches, etc..

Luckily, in spite of the poor pictures, it was obvious (to me anyway) that the F1s were likely to be more interesting.

We'll start with the plainer ones and move towards the more interesting ones.

BRM V8 probably built from a Supershell body?? With bits added, exhaust, suspension details, steering.

and is fitted with this chassis

The next one is a Honda with a vac body, and same detailing treatment.

Next a Lotus Indy carved out of balsa.

More to follow soon


PS: The "transfers" are all hand painted.

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Next, the more unusual cars.

First a Brabham, (when was the last time you saw a 1960s Brabham??). I would have preferred the car with the very high intake trumpets, but there you go.

And a Cooper Maserati

Neat don't you think, and as Kev, a lot of skills there, the better ones are yet to come.


PS: Bodies and engines are scratch built.

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OK, the last 3 (until I receive the next parcel).


And now the best bit of all, the Brabham and Cooper above, plus the 3 cars in this post are entirely made of metal. including the body, mirrors, all the engine details/wiring, suspension and steering. All of it silver soldered together.

Next, my personal favorite: BRM V12

Still plenty of fluff to remove, but look at the amount of detail he manage to squeeze in there.

Probably the best of the lot, because of the amount of hand painted work on it.

And to finish, a family shot.

All I know is that the guy lived in Scotland and had a track in the spare room. These were found when they cleared out his house.


PS: And, thanks to beauty of the internet, and our good friends at Ebay; they ended up at my house rather than the local tip.

Tony Condon
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Hi Joel
you lucky boy ,you have some real gems there
whenever i find an old slot car like these i often wish the car could tell us its history its resally great that they are in the hands of someone who can appreciate the skill and love that went into those ,and some very nice Ks stv motors too if i am not mistaken

cheers tony

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Wonderful creations Joel, congratulations on winning those and good to see they've gone to very a good home. There's something so enchanting about hand painted liveries that decals can't reproduce.

Let us know how they run!

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Wonderful, Joel. Thanks for showing these. They're masterpieces in several ways.
The builder was obviously a fan of VIP guides, like many in the 1960s.
About the first BRM: Super Shells did make that model but their bodies usually had the brand name inside, though I don't have that one. I wondered if it might be an Airfix body, but a quick look shows several differences (though he was obviously able to make changes). The wheels do look SS-like.
Rob J

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QUOTE (merkit the grof @ 18 May 2012, 16:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>First a Brabham, (when was the last time you saw a 1960s Brabham??). I would have preferred the car with the very high intake trumpets, but there you go.

That is the BT24 which Brabham raced for much of 1967 it was a development of the 1966 BT19


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David, thanks for the info

QUOTE (loosesalute @ 18 May 2012, 16:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What plans have you got for them now?

I did spend quite a bit of money on them, so the plan is: Sell the Lotus Indy and the V8 BRM, not sure about the Honda.

I think it would be a shame to split the steel bodied cars.
The only way I would consider it, would be as a swap. So, if someone wants to offer me an Estrela Ferrari P2, or an Otaki Testa Rossa (or any other rare Ferrari), then please get in touch.


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The last batch of cars arrived about a week ago, mostly sports cars that I will post in the vintage section (because they are more vintage than scratch)
Also in there are a dozen small scale wooden cars (non slot) which I will post in the 1/43rd section.

Sadly for me, the only Ferrari was this damaged body the seller threw in for free.

Which gives a better opportunity to see how they were made

Luckily for me, I think I can repair it and then fit it with a proper motor (rather than the feeble Ks fitted to the others)

More intriguing, were the next couple of items

First these 3 BRMs, showing some sort of work in progress I guess.
Question is, who made the black fibreglass bodies?

Lastly these 2, which show that he was still at it many years later (or returned to the hobby in later life like so many here).

What are they??

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