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A French Kiss With Death

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I see that Fly are adding to their Steve McQueen Collection, with the Milt Minter, Chad McQueen and Gunnar Jeannette Toad Hall Porsche 911 GT1, as raced at Daytona last year.

The Gunnar Racing Porsche livery was done to promote the book "A French Kiss with Death - Making of LeMans" by Michael Keyser.

Subtitled "Steve McQueen and the Making of Le Mans: the Man, the Race, the Cars, the Movie", Keyser examines the life of actor Steve McQueen, the films in which he appeared, and his love affair with the many cars and motorcycles he owned during his lifetime.

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See also The Speed Merchants (book and DVD) by the same author.

It was interesting to see that car run in that livery because the book has been out for at least a couple of years. The car, despite appearances, isn't a 'real' GT1, but Gunnar Motorsports re-roofed LMP car that has also provided the basis for the following liveries:

Does this make it the most re-liveried car to be modelled, or something?

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