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A Funny Thing

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Tonight I was re-working an old Fabia to get it flashed with Incar-PRO ..... the pre-flash test was fine. Added the socket for connecting to the PIC programmer, connected the lights to the various points as shown on the chip; so far so good.

Flashed the car, disconnected the programmer and re-ID'd the car. The lights all came on as expected, the brake lights worked but ....... the motor did not run. Everything appeared to be normal except there was no motion. After approximately five minutes of gently cursing and pouring a nice cold G & T ........ I spotted it View attachment 9337
The tiny resistor had parted company with the PCB at one end ....... a little pressure with a screwdriver and a gentle dab with the soldering iron and Hey Presto, the motor burst back into life ........ what a relief.
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next installment ......... this morning I investigated why the resistor had come loose.

It would appear that I damaged it with the shank of a jeweller's screw drive as I levered (pronounced levered by our west Atlantic cousins) the chip free of it's hot-glue bonds. What I should have used was a much broader blade and twisted that to avoid the components.

What a lucky "Get Out Of Jail Free" moment ............
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