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QUOTE (subdude @ 23 Mar 2006, 05:17)Here in the USA, if you're just waking up at 8:30 on Sunday morning to go try and find slots (or anything) at our equivalent to the boot sale (flea market here) you may as well stay under the sheets. Anything worth having has been sold and gone since 7:00 or so.


Unless things are different in Mk2's neck of the woods, that is pretty much what it is like over here, Jim.

I long since gave up foregoing the Sunday morning lie-in to traipse round a muddy field in the hope of finding some rare piece. It seemed that about one in ten visits would yield a car, usually a 6R4 Metro. With no glass. And three wheels.

I have to say, though, that we seem to have them round here on a Wednesday morning, and they have been much more fruitful. Last one I went to - autumn last year - turned up a Ninco Calibra & Celica, both in good order. Marked at £3 each, I did the decent car boot thing and offered £5 for the pair!

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