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· Allan Wakefield
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Thanks to the interest, time commited and support of you guys , SlotForum is doing great.

In order to continue growing and developing we need to do just that..DEVELOP.

So with that in mind,
QUOTE "What do you Folks want to be able to see and read in the future, on"

Totally Current information and News Scoops?
Tech Areas ?
Picture Gallery ?
Monthly 'SlotForum Pick of the Net' specials?......

The site is here to get people deeper into the Hobby and keep them there by showing off the best the Hobby has to offer, what it is capable of becoming and what it has been..

So, please let us beg a little more of your precious time - Get your thinking caps on, and get your ideas in please.

Thank you !

Admin Team -

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Hi friends, I am from Italy, and this is my first post. I have re-started slot after too many years, this time with my eleven years old son; the cars are fantastic, almost all of them; now I would like to see a little more on "tuning", or various people experience with various models. I have some cars " as new ", others with some upgrading, such as parts or NSR, and also others much heavily modified, but always without modifying or destroying at all the scale appareance. I think it would be very interesting to hear the experiences in this field, and post photos of actual models with weights, magnets, different motors if allowed and so on, as it happens in the real world of cars and bikes.
Thank you


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Ciao sprint,

Were planning on having reviews of cars that incorporate Fact Files of information that will enable you to easily compare on car to another and enable you to see at a glance the strong and weak points of the car.

There are other plans in the pipeline to bring in much more info about cars past and present.

Stay tuned...

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Hi Swiss,

Can I suggest a contact list of clubs and resources, maybe stores as well, with the ability for people to leave comments and recommendations or otherwise? Ideally, organised by country, and state if possible. I've seen some non-slot boards do this using the existing forum structure and using separate threads for countries or country-state combinations.

Then, if I'm a newbie, I can find someone or somewhere in my area that can help out or race locally. If I'm travelling, I can find somewhere new to visit.

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I would like to see articles on stock out the box up grades, on everyday cars not cars that only every1 in 100 have. General list of most common cars, how to make it run that little bit better, I know in the past I have bought some used cars that run first class and others of the same make that run real bad, so there are people out there that know how to fine tune cars.

And if possible I would like to see it on picture forum it makes it so much easier to understand.

That's a start from me.


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Stew.. if you want to know stuff like that, take a trip to master classes tell us your need and we will sort it out for you!

I would like to see links yes but also, would be good to have website of the month or something wether it be slots or not.. it would be interesting to see what others get upto.. like sniffpetrol etc

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