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Here are some cars I'd like to see on my grid:

Many of you will argue that Scalextric has already done a number of these cars. And, well, yes they have but although they've done some excellent work of late (the MG Lola, Lister Storm and Cadillac LMP cars, F1 cars and TVR 400R come immediately to mind), when it comes to American muscle cars they're just don't have it right. The greenhouse on that Camaro is way too big and the grill on that Mustang looks like something that Capt Kirk almost lost the Enterprise in! As much as I want to see Trans Am cars on my layout I can't get myself to accept the Scaley versions.

Rev-o-gram, on the other hand, already has beautiful working molds for the 68 Camaro and 69 Mustang in 1/32 and are currently working on a 67 Mustang. Wouldn't it be something to see them add a Javelin and a Cuda to the mix. Given Rev-o-grams extaordinary abilities at modelling as evidenced by their recent releases that would be a grid I'd like to see on my layout.

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