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Hello Eduardo,

Love the concept you have used in the cheap and nasty Strombecker Lotus 40.

I am doing a similar thing, but have put 3 body posts in a McLaren MK 1b body that I have that had broken motor and axle mounts in it. I will use a standard delrin Strombecker chassis in it.

I wouldn't of bothered otherwise, but the McLaren is extremely hard to find in Australia, and they don't often come up on US Ebay, but when they do they are expensive and the postage is a killer.

By the way, apart from Pattos Decals, are ther any good Can Am decals around for cars that ran in the 1966 series. Pattos range to suit this car are limited, apart from the John Cannon or Bud Morley driven cars.

I also have a Lotus 40 to do as well, but that is a project for latter.

Kind Regards from Australia,

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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