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I managed to get to OP early on Wednesday and took a load of snaps of the track. Here's a sequence of how the track flows, for an idea of size the track is 105' (32m) and the lane spacing is for 1:24 cars. The photographed car is a 1:32 Scalextric Start generic F1 car.


Bengt Axelsson, Super Swede on the start/finish line waiting for the "off". Some clubs have the dulcet tones of Murray Walker, we have some anonymous Norwegian lady as part of our Lapmaster install.

First corner, sharp left hander perhaps 110º-115º. Not as nasty as you might think, although four car first laps pile-ups are not unknown. Despite expectations most deslots here come from the outside two lanes, yellow and blue. This leads onto a short squirty straight over a bridge and into...

...the S-bends.

The entrance to the S-bends is not as malign as it appears unless your car is bent - a BSCRA car with a bent chassis or lead wires hanging underneath can decide to go straight on at this point. The danger spot is halfway through the complex when transitioning left to right.

OK, due to a slight administrative/filing balls-up there is a photo missing from this sequence. Fortunately by re-using stock library footage and highly competent Photoshop skills, I've managed to recreate this missing image. Seamlessly, I'm sure you'll all agree. Bengt has just passed the part where he was at risk of falling over.

Another very short straight into...

...The Sweeper - very fast 180º left-hander, taken in a very sideways fashion. BSCRA-style cars (especially 1:24 cars) are most impressive on this part of the track. Yellow will catch you out if your car's not good. On the exit from the corner the track level starts to drop away and fast cars with a light front-end can understeer off here.

Looking down at the dip below the Lucas Bridge. Big crashes start here and continue all the way to the bridge.

Lucas Bridge itself, cars obviously disappear from view and if it's your first lap around Oaklands Park you will find yourself at full chat here which is generally A Bad Thing...

...because while this looks nice and calm from this angle, your sightline hasn't actually picked the car up yet...

...and then this looms up at you, the infamous Kink. From the rostrum viewpoint this looks like a flat corner but it isn't, it requires a lift and entering this flat-out in just about any slotcar will still allow you to get to the next corner but unfortunately you will be on your roof. Note foam rubber fake hedges needed to stop really fast BSCRA cars on their roof (sliding on shiny lexan) crossing the infield and collecting cars in the home straight travelling in the opposite direction. With a BSCRA car the lift-flat-lift into the corner is exhilarating when you hit it perfectly and always produces a grin.

See? It is sharp.

Now for the 180º right-hander. When the Thomas's ran the club we kept turning up to discover that they'd rammed another 10mm of scrap MDF under the track here and this was banked to Wall-O-Death levels, these days sanity prevails and while the middle of the corner is higher than the surrounding straights, it's not what we'd call banked. Slow in and fast out because you want to keep the speed high for the very, very, very long straight.

Which is this.

Note our 1:32 scale model of Turkish Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Now we approach The Spoon aka The Home Advantage aka The [email protected]

The fastest part of the track leads into a decreasing radius right hander that loops through 270º and then immediately snaps left at 90º. It's been so long since I first washed up at OP that I've forgotten what it feels like to be intimidated by The Spoon but after after any open meeting you can see the braking point for visitors and the braking point for OP club members which is about 18" deeper into the curve.

This is about braking late and smoothly and then importantly...

...not putting the power on here too early. In BSCRA meetings where the grip builds up red can develop such a grip-line that an early squirt can propel the car at 90º to the direction you wanted it to go in and it ends up making an unexpected pit stop. Eddie Grice (gasowder) is infamous for his party piece of deslotting on red and riding the roof of the car all the way around the barrier, eventually stopping at the left-hand turn.

Back onto the start/finish straight and be aware of any car that deslotted on the exit of The Spoon otherwise you'll probably plow into it and...

...across the line. In a three minute heat, hardbody cars will be doing low 20-something laps, BSCRA Falcon-powered cars around 30-34.

To get an idea of how all this ties together here are four pics arranged left to right from the POV of the yellow driver position.


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Well done Coop, a nice piece of photo-journalism. The only correction I would like to make and which I feel compelled to confess is regarding the surreptitious banking of the track. T,wernt the Wobblers wot dunnit .To our everlasting shame it was The Reverend Aston and Me, with Woody and Sandy lying doggo in case Mike arrived early. Over the course of several clubnights we gradually eased that corner up to a fair bit of tilt before Mike noticed , although when he did his wrath was awesome to behold ! Where did he leard words like those ? not from Thee and Me or any of the more genteel Oaklands members to be sure. Must have been Eddie.... or Stan, rough fellows, both given to strong drink and tobacco along with a penchant for coarse jest and a distinctly Rabelaisian turn of phrase.

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QUOTE (ralph @ 9 Dec 2011, 04:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and a distinctly Rabelaisian turn of phrase.
Yep that's me, Christian humanist

Don't recall having any particular problem with spoon bend on red, other than the universally known, "Eddie goes on last" my main problems are finding things like other cars or hands in my lane

My recollection of the packers/banking debacle was that it was on the sweeper bend by the door? Or did they have a go at both?
Last Wednesday nights racing, 32nd, BSCRA production sports, Falcon motor, carrier bags, resulted in a win for Mark, from Miss Whiplash on the same lap & myself a lap or so behind.
Will have to print out the results in future if we want to put them here.

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Ey Up,

Brilliant you guys, to let us see the track which I have never been to but heard a lot about !!.

Looks like a challenge for visitors, must have a go sometime.

vbr Chris.
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