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A lil' Porker for a race in Lille

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Next weekend, I and a few others are attending a race in Lille, because the rules are a bit unique, (1/24th small cars using a Slot Classic chassis) I had to build a car specifically for the meeting.

Starting from this old toy




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A very nice colour scheme and I love the driver's crash helmet design. Did you produce the decals yourself?

That is some transformation.

Good luck in the race!!
that's a a speedster!
Most of the decals are from the spares box, I made the "Lil' Porker" using Excel (I also made a French version "Le P'tit Boudin" but decided to use the English one). The driver was painted by Scudbong Pete many years ago.

Nice, Joel. Is that a brass plate/pan around the plastic chassis?

The chassis shot shows the car has been well tested. I am guessing it runs very well.
Nice on Joel!"!!
Yes, big brass plate, needed to make sure the car stays the right way up (not a very good chassis without).

I was originally going to build a Renault Floride, but the handling was dreadfull (the car was too tall).

I struggled to find wheels and suitable tyres (max 9mm), in the end I used RS wheels with Ninco tyres, I hope they work on the Lille track.

That's quite a transformation, also like the idea of the additional brass plate on the chassis.
Here is another picture of the little Porsche.

I didn't want to show that one, because the symmetry isn't quite right (it's better in real life) I used some flexible masking tape from Tamiya for the first time.


It looks better from the back

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Nice one Joel, good to see that the body was put to good use. That driver is amazing

Was it me that told you about the Tamiya flexible tape too? I can't help but think that this car wouldn't have been built if it weren't for me

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