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Hello All,

Well, to say this has been a long time coming may be the understatement of the year so far. As you can see I have been a forum member since December 2005 and this is my first post.Therefore it is a little picture heavy as I have some catching up to do.

Since I've joined I have logged on and read the amazing and inspiring posts on this forum at least twice a week.

I have been a keen follower of the hobby for years starting as a kid when my dad build a monster of a track in our garage in the late 70's. So big in fact that when we moved house we had to sell it with the house. In the teens years we had a Scalely Le Mans track but nothing too serious.

Because of my previous career it was hard to get into the hobby again as I moved around a lot, though I did get myself a AFX set to to satisfy the itch in my trigger finger a while back.

Which brings me to today. Different career, living in the same house for over two years (a record) a fiance, two kids and........... a large garage!!

So at Easter this year I embarked on my lifelong, and yes I do mean lifelong dream of building my own routed track. Spurred on also by the fact that my younger brother had just completed a track (yes it's our genes I think) I went to the local hardware store and brought up big.

I went for a C table design so I could reach any part of the track relatively easily as I would be racing solo most of the time. I also needed the track to be portable enough so I if or when we move I can take with us. Therefore I constructed 3 2.4m X 1.4m tables with a self for storage. Each table is also on castor wheels for maneuverability and the fact in heavy rain the garage does tend to flood a little.

I used 12mm MDF as my track surface with an 8mm slot.

I had an original plan on paper and stuck with that, but don't plans change!!

I haven't really done much with wood and certainly hadn't used a router before so I really enjoyed the experience and the very steep learning curve.

The slots are anywhere from 80mm to 90mm apart with one squeeze added to that.

After routing to my original plan, I measured up each lane and found out that one lane was 48cm longer than the other!! So on a 10 lap race one car would travel almost 5m further than the other. Doesn't help even racing.

So after some re-routing the only idea I had to solve the problem was to have a flyover to even the lanes out. So thats what I did.

The lanes ended up less than 20mm different in length.

Than the painting etc started.

Until we got to this and power on! It worked first go with out a problem.

Well there was a problem, in my attempt to get the longest and fastest straight I could in the plan I put the flyover at a diagonal, Great in theory but with the two kinks at the either end of the straight it actually was rather slow as the cars didn't like hitting the kinks at pace. So time for a re think.

So I decided to straighten the straight up, if that makes sense. In doing so it also added some length the straight entering the "Loop" and made the overall track flow so much better.

I painted some Scalely barriers up and added them to the track. I think they have come up well.

The 3 section were designed to be different from each other. One end tight and tricky, the other end was to flow more whilst the middle was for speed. I think it achieves the goal.

After some consideration I decided it needed some landscaping, and a reason for the elevation.

So after about 10m of chicken wire and 9kgs of Plaster of Paris I came up with this.

Then some paint and washing.
Then some ground cover.

And this is where I'm up to today.

I have to decide how to landscape the middle of the circuit.

insert latest overall pics

The idea was a pit lane, (country circuit style) or

A large lake, or

A forest, or a town.

Because of the size of the mountains etc scale is a bit of an issue as the buildings of a pit lane would over shadow the mountains.

Decisions decisions.

This why I love this hobby. Not only have I seen my ideas come to life but I have really enjoyed the problem solving aspect of the build. Little challenges and frustrations come up that you must get through to get to the next stage, It has been so much fun.

Please feel free to comment and or ask questions. It's only fair as I have been reading yours for the last 6 years!!

I'll keep you guys up to date of the changes and I'll probably end up getting hooked and start adding more to this great forum.

Happy Slotting


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Looks great, love the tunnel.

One day, oh one day I will have the option of doing this.

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Hi all and thanks for the kind words.

Yeah the track does flow well and still has it's challenges, and that is what I'm after.

It certainly needs more rubber put down to get the grip levels up plus the dust etc from building and landscaping doesn't help. Won't be long before the major work is out of the way and I'll do some serious laps.

The next challenge is working out the timing system. I'm thinking Trackmate at the moment.

Slots-O-Fun - to answer your question regarding the building of the mountains. I just used chicken wire (that's what we call it over here anyway) as the frame work then laid a layer of wet paper towel down on that then soaked newspaper strips in Plaster of Paris and laid that on to the wet paper towel. I did about two layers of plaster soaked news paper to make sure it was pretty solid.

It took fair while as there is 9kgs of plaster on the track. I could've used plaster cloth but the plaster of paris was a much cheaper option as I had so much to do. Though the cloth would've been much quicker.

To paint the i applied a three colours and then a slate or black colour wash over the top to blend. The next day I got a wet sponge and washed it back one more time. That really brought out the highlights of the rocks i think.

It is the first time I ever done something like this and I'm very happy with the results so far. The trick is to practice first!!!

Sorry about the picture quality, I used my N95 phone. I'll get the camera out soon and take some decent shots. Shame I can't get a decent picture of the whole track in one go.

Regards to All


4 Posts raikkonen webber,

This track did look like an awsome one, it happens to be my brothers. I hope he doesn,t mind the update here but that layout is no more. destroyed in the big hail storm on christmas day! I didn't get to see it in person!

But as a good slotter should he started again and is not far off finishing, bar the scenery. lets hope he updates with pics real soon!

Pics ive seen look fantastic, great new layout. very keen for a few laps, or more!

Come on Rodster, show us ya pics!
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