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Althogh the Le Mans race at Wolves is still a long way in the future, I've taken some time out tonight to make a much earlier start than last year, on a car for the event. I've got an old Maserati 450 from Betta painted up, so I decided to build a chassis to go under it.

I started with some 0.016" brass strip, and bent it round an ali former to make a U shaped bracket, with holes drilled for the rear bearings. Then drilled another piece of brass strip to take the motor can bearing boss, and the 2 mounting screws. After some judicious trimming, I was able to get a good fit with the motor shaft lining up with the center of the rear axle (using one of Chas Keeling's alignment tools). I then soldered them together, with some piano wire bracing.

I then made 2 'waisted' main rails from 18g piano wire, and an 0.032" center section, drilled at 9/64" for the guide, and a slot at the rear to take a flexi torsion bar in 23g piano wire.

I then made more rails which will be torsion sprung from the rear, and which will have the side pans hung from the front.

More progress to follow - hopefully.

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