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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 26 Apr 2004, 16:43)I just noticed that it looks like the new magnet Porsche seems to have the smaller Fly Racing motor again. Interesting, wonder if that implies that the smaller one handles better with a magnet than the larger version?

Well, it makes sense, as the smaller motor is lighter, too.
But IMHO the reasons for using again the short can motor are:

- To use a magnet with the long can motor they'd make a new chassis, this way they may use again the chassis of the first version of the Porsche.

(Actually, I haven't had the new magnet car in my hands, I don't know it really it is the same chassis of the first version.)

- The long motor has a shorter shaft, so the motor is slightly closer to rear axel (about 1 mm.), maybe there's not enough space for the magnet with the long motor?

By the way, the 2 chassis are quite different: the magnet-less one is more flexible.
I know very well, as I tried for weeks to use the first model without magnet and the car handled very bad, while my friends Porsches were rockets.
Then I realized my friends used the magnet-less version of the chassis...


P.S. Beautiful review Swiss, really enjoyed it!
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