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Thanks for letting me join in.
This forum looks great, not only for clubracers, but also for homeracers.

I'm planning (on paper and brains first) to built a 2-lane permanent Carrera Exclusiv track (table surface: 380 cm x 103 cm).
The track will have 2 levels: a "1st floor" and a "2nd floor", including a bridge cross-over.
2nd floor's height: approx. 10 cm (4")
Both ways -up and -down to this 2nd floor, will be made with curve 1 sections including inside and outside shoulders.
The way-down will be a 300° curve (5 curve-1-sections of 60°). (coming from the 1st floor to go down and under the cross-over)
The supporting surface will be 6mm (1/4") hardboard (mdf).
My question is, if it's possible and suitable (responsable) to make this "downhill".
Did someone of you already made such a downhill:
The beginning of the downhill will be at the beginning of the curve (at the "2nd floor").
The end of it must be at the end of the curve (just in front of the cross-over)
Let me inform that I'm not only racing original Carrera 32 and 24 cars, but also other makes, homebuilt plastic kits, as well as commercial raceway cars (gp10, gp12). I know, in case of these last ones, they will have the necessary ground clearance, wich will have to be more than usually racing on wooden tracks (i.e. 1 mm)
I've chosen the Carrera track just because it's possible to race "Scale24" cars.

Greetings to you all

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