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A Porsche thread

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I've harboured passion for Porsche's way of doing things down many decades, and continue to marvel at the many Porsche slot cars we can buy, or build, that make our hobby such an enormously interesting pleasure.

This thread, I hope, will result in 'everything' Porsche - your models, photographs, memories and yarns. And anything else, of course.

All contributions will be of great interest, as usual, and I, therefore, thank you in advance.

A few pics below to start the ball rolling.
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Trisha, isn't the Vegla one from Scaleauto?
Interesting, the design could pass for a Lambo or a Delorean, but as you say Laurence, never would have thought it to be a Porsche…
I can see where mr Musk got his idea for the cybertruck
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How to pass the time at 71 years old

Since when do they use bigger rims on the back than at the front for gt3 cars?
Group 5 all over again (y)
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That would be 1971, with the winning 917of Marko and van Lennep
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That last pic is the coolest 😉
Read on another forum some 7 Hirondelles were built, and most survived. Can't say where they are, though.
They were raced by the builder and Rob Slotemaker amongst others. Mostly in NL.
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Yes thanks, I think it looks better than the way it is , so I'm leaning towards the Martini side of things! Plus white seems to be easier to see these days for some reason!🤔😉
Fwiw, if you decide to take the Martini road, look up the 935 as it raced at Mugello 1976. That one's bodywork is more like the one you have.
The picture Trisha posted is from later races.
Mugello is the first race with the slant nose, but still with the RSR type rear wheel arches.
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