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A promise to Edo

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At the SlotForum birthday party Edo very kindly gave me a Carrera Panoz as a present.

He asked that I show the pictures of any work I did to it so here they are.

Dad stripped it down and I decided to paint it black with a gold chassis, have no driver and fit the lights I got as a prize for driving in the night race. I also wanted one nose fin instead of the twin so Dad showed me how to fill and sand a model.

This is what it started as.

After I finished sanding it and Dad removed the old stickers, Dad primed it and then let me spray it after showing me how again.

Dad fitted the lights after I showed him where to put them.

Then he coated it in gloss for me.

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Sweet. You've got to love the stealth car

Nice work, I hope your dad is learning too!

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