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A real newbie

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I never had a set before,but I had played with a friends slotless tyco set in the early 80's. I was in a hobby store in cincinnati with my inlaws (they're into garden trains) and I wandered into the slotcar aisle. I was hooked from the beginning. I did some research on this forum and homeracingworld and I went back and bought the Carrera pro X system.I liked the width and the ability to race 4 cars at once.I also liked the muscle cars they offer. I have since emptied out a room and started to buy extra track. I hope to build a layout about 8'x 12'. I have also got a analog power supply in case the digital doesn't work out and until some new cars come out, I just wanted to say hi and thank every one for the great info and ideas.
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Hey Steve (unless you prefer Jones) welcome to the forum There's a bunch of far cleverer men than I in this place - bet they ain't in Austraila..
(oops I can't even spell it!
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