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A Scenic Backdrop

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Never having been much of an artist I was reluctant to try painting my own layout back-scene. However, after watching a few episodes of the art program on Discovery Home and Leisure I finally plucked up enough courage and inspiration to give it a try!

I began by painting the backdrop with sky blue matt emulsion. Next, I outlined the hills with grey acrylic art paint and filled them in with varying mixtures of green, brown and grey, emphasising the greens and browns more towards the top and the greys to the bottom. The main objective was to make the background blend in with the "real" hill to the right so, to try and make the scene look continuous, I painted in a little more light browns and grey to the right-most hill.

To top it all off I stippled yellow onto the tops of the hills to give the effect of sunlight coming in from the right.

Finally, I dry-brushed some white into the sky for a slightly hazy look. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect and it was much easier to do than I thought!

Right, I'm off to the Lake District now to try my hand at some proper landscape painting
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That is really stunning! especially for someone claiming not to be an artist!!!

You missed your calling mate

We are having the back drop to Mugello painted this week so I will post pics to show comparison in style.
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Before John gives David his answer, Assuming he ever was going to

How about we all post what we 'think' we see in that painting fro mthe two angles we have? Just for a giggle...

I will start and shout out my paranoia and mental state..

I see, a face in the first hillock from the right in the second picture, just above the second orange bush (OK - so whats wrong with an orange bush?) and also another face immediately next to that on the next hill.
So come on, I can't be the only loonie on the forum.


someone? anyone?

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