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It's quite clear that the numbers for a plastic, "Forum special" car are not there - what I'm proposing instead is a good quality, vacuformed Ferrari F430 or Renault Megane Trophy body

The rationale : of course scale appearance is to be treasured, and there are plenty of very good looking plastic cars around. BUT, if you look at the starting grid of any slot race, you'll see either several identical cars, or more-or-less crude "fantasy" liveries - accurate reliveries are time consuming, and one doesn't want to risk them in a race

So, it seems to me that :

- one should look for a present day car that races as a class in large numbers, with plenty of "low level" sponsors - so that a fantasy livery would be perfectly acceptable - you might even be sponsored by the local undertaker !. The F430 (as soon as the Challenge version is unveiled) and the Megane fit the bill perfectly - of course there's also the Porsche Cup, but GT3s abound already

- the car must be painted with a minimum of fuss, and vacs are ideal for that

It should be possible to put together enough preorders to get attractive quotations - and one could always choose the degree of pre-painting (although presumably the glass portions would be blanked off ex works)

It would then be nice if we could agree on a common chassis/motor, but it's not essential

Any takers ?

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