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A name not always associated with quality but, with a bit of work (and more on some than on others) they make some of the best racers around.

I have had a Proslot Ferrari 355 sitting around for ages, it was a yellow 'Coke' hard top and looked rough to say the least.

Time for a change and as I always love the Real 355 Spyder I set out to do some serious remodelling..

here is the result...

Spec: No magnet and no weight.

Motor - Evo3
Axles (solid both front and rear) - Slot.It
Pinion, crown gear - NSR
Wheels - MBSlot Aluminium
Tyres - Front - Proslot original. Rear - NSR Magnetic
Guide and braid - Slot.It
Lights - Overdrive with additional brakelights and extra SMD leds for fronts (usual ones would not fit)
Seats, Seatbelts and driver - Fly
Soft top - plasticard, hot glue and tissue paper.
Paint - Automotive Ferrari Metallic Blue ( Special Order)
Decals - DMC

I cut away three sides of the light units and raised them, then built the side frames and back unit from plasticard. Covers are cut from a Slot.It container.

I am going to!

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Oh, YUMMY!! I've got a proslot F355 sitting around as well. It is DARN fun to drive and VERY consistent, though a bit on the slow side... I never tuned it.

Great work. You are quite the craftsman.


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yes swiss looking good
it's a kit car
bit's from 1 and bits from another
didn't now though you could turn a metro in to a ferrari
reminds me of a kit you can get to turn a full sized mr2 in to what looks like(from a distance) a 355 but it still sounds nothing like a ferrari
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