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Alan Tadd
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My Garden Shed Project is set to go ahead in the Spring and my thoughts are now turning to track layout.

Track is to be ScalextricSport with standard power supplies, although this may change if necessary.

As I mostly race alone, (that's pretty sad!), unless my boys are home from University, I will include a Challenger system at some time.

The track must be an L-Shape, so that the shed can also store some garden equipment. It must also have scope for scenic development, as I enjoy this aspect of the hobby. I also refuse to use any track of a smaller radii than R2.

Below is my current thinking on layout. Does anyone have any observations on how it can be improved?.

(Image from Tracker 2000 program.)



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why noy use r1 hairpins , they are the hardest corner to get round and are great fun, i have them on my scalextric sport track. also another fun thing to have is the jump, its quite fin launching cars up in the air and you can take it off thetrack without having to unclip anything it just slots straight into any straight bit of track...

Scott Brownlee
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As few observations from my experience in the garage.

Watch raised sections leading into corners. I've just sussed that I have a bridge before a bend and while I'm lifting off (i.e. braking) the cars go light and some just skip out the slot and career into the wall. The guide blade isn't that deep and the torque reversal relatively large.

Little straights between bends are annoying since they aren't long enough to do anything other than upset the balance of the car. Try to have definite curves and bends. Minimum length of straight, if poss., of two full pieces.

Sweeping lefts and rights are best, but space a problem I know. I have a layout with big U bends which is good - including a R1 sport hairpin. Fun and a varying challenge of all types of car, and good for racing, but boring on your own.

Avoid chicanes, crossovers and the like if you want to race. If, like me, you're on your own mostly then consider all sorts of stuff like sliding curves and Good wood chicanes. You de-slot more, especially if racing, but more character and so likely to keep you attention for longer.

In shot, build anything then mess about until you're happy.

Good luck.
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