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A video

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Howdy folks
by these i like you to show my trac in the livingroom yust on the carpet.
In use with my new C 7042.
Have to figger a lots thinks out with this toy
yust fun.
greatings Jane

Track with a lenght of 14 meters /46 ft in the livingroom

Oh its all mine lol
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Great looking layout, Jane! Do you happen to have a plan for it in Ultimate Racer, or TrackPower? I'd love to see it.
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as nice as all the varying radius corners are, you HAVE to have a good long straight somewhere to feel the full thrill!

Good looking track, would be a very testing drive if you tried it without the magnets. Have a go with some weaker magnets and see how much fun it is.
A good "training wheels" way to move toward no-mag is to put the magnet up front. It will help keep the car in the slot and provide some additional traction, but will still allow the car to slide out when taking a corner too fast, with much less of the hard "snap" and deslot you get with magnets in the back. After that, thinner magnet, shimming the magnet, and removing the magnet. This way, you don't feel like you're moving from a car that "works" to one that just spins out constantly.
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Really nice layout Jane. Great way to start.

Ohhww Thx folks .

Some detials of the cars i use
1st the Lamboghini Murcielago nr. MC 0026 MRRC with a 22k motor gear 10 : 27 Hub tires standard
2nd Aston Martin DBR kit nr C 3082 Scaley ,, ,, 22.4 k motor ,, 12 : 36 17X12 20X12
3d Ford GT-R nr.C 3136 ,, ,, ,, 22.5 k ,, ,, 11 : 36 17X12 20X12
Max speed aprox 30 km/u
Straight lenght in this layout aprox over 4 m.
So far so good.

Kindly regards Jane
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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