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A working start finish/flag waver?

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I am sure I’ve seen a post in the past showing how to create a chequered flag waver ( maybe dreamt it!), but can’t find anything substantial on the topic.
I am keen to try and create a modern flag waver for the Magneticracing flag waver cage.
Arduino sketch to control it ? -I use PCLC
Any help guidance much appreciated as ever.
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Being Blaze here, if you could get a decent figure Ideally a 3D print STL it would be possible to print it with a hole to put in a "Bowden Cable" I.e RC control cable in to rotate an arm. Arduino's have a direct output to a standard RC digital servo that could rotate the cable in the desired way and are very small and cheap. Connecting to an exsisting scketch of the start system would to me be the other challenge. The first challenge is a decent figure you can print a hole on for the actuation cable. Scalextric did do a starter sigure on a rostrum, that may hint at the way to get the actuator system to work.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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