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A working start finish/flag waver?

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I am sure I’ve seen a post in the past showing how to create a chequered flag waver ( maybe dreamt it!), but can’t find anything substantial on the topic.
I am keen to try and create a modern flag waver for the Magneticracing flag waver cage.
Arduino sketch to control it ? -I use PCLC
Any help guidance much appreciated as ever.
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Are we talking about a little guy that waves the checkered flag? If so, I’m interested in seeing what people have come up with. I thought about this a while back, and thought maybe servos or Nitinol wire. Then again, you could be talking about something different, and I may look like an idiot for spending so much time thinking about animating a little guy to wave a flag.

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If PCLC turns off the green lights at the end of the race, then you should be able to to trigger the flag guy as well. Depending on what power your little guy runs at. If he requires less than 5v and less than 40ma, you should be able to run him off the existing Arduino, provided you have an open pin available. If he takes more power, then you will have to run them off a switch connected to your Arduino.

Either way, you will have to add some code to the PCLC Arduino code, but don’t let that intimidate you. If you know what pins you plug the green lights in to, you can search the PCLC code and find where those lights are turned off when the race is finished, then you could set whatever pin your guy is hooked up to to “HIGH”, which will make him waive his flag.

You inspired me, with your question about the blimp, and I went out and taped off the yellow section. Thanks for following up with me about it.

Looks fantastic Tim! Good job with that army figure.
Hey Tim,

Not sure about the code, but I have been thinking about doing a project like this myself. Mainly after I found one of my daughter's figures that should be perfect for this...

Doll Human body Toy Wood Electric blue

The arms move, so it will be easy to automate. Still have many projects to get to first though.

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They have guys available too.
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