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funny you should mention this. I just got an A2M 250 SWB because I was so jazzed by the Slot Classic issue (and David Lawson's dark blue beauty a while back!). The inside surface is a lot smoother than Quemazda's pic (not sure that it matters, but info anyway *grin*) And the exterior detail is fairly crisp. All in all, I think it is well worth the $8 or so I paid for it. I am intending to put a Pendle PCS32 chassis under it with Ninco classic wheels, 15k rpm Mabuchi etc...pretty much the running guts of a Slot Classic as I see it.

good luck with yours!!


PS the only problem is finding an historic SWB that hasn't already been done to death. I am tempted to create a fictitious paint scheme and let it go at that. Any novel historic ideas/pics would be welcome!

PPS. thanks to Quemazda for showing both cars side by side...lots of good info there!!! (so what happened with the rear window anyway??)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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