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AAWSCC "Club Car" Nights

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Club Car nights run on the fourth Tuesday of every month. As the title suggests, cars (and controllers) are supplied by the club. Drivers may use their own controller if they prefer.
Race fees are £3.00 per meeting.

There are five different groups, or classes, per meeting, and all competitors have four races (one on each lane) with each class, making 20 races each. Each race is of 10 laps duration.

Points are scored in each race, four for first, three for second, etc. Marshalling is simply a case of removing de-slotted cars from the track, "crash and burn" being the race format. In order to give them a chance to learn the track, novice drivers will be re-slotted once per race if they crash.
At the end of each meeting, the points are added up to decide the overall positions.

For more info, please PM me, or phone Peter on 01962 866045, or David on 07854 043 642. Alternatively use the email contacts given in the AAWSCC heading section.

Please do not post in this thread. It is for your information only. Any comments and enquiries can be placed in the Club Car Nights thread below.
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