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AB Speedway

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Hi there,

Well i'm building a track in my garage and thought i'd share my progress on the forum. this is the first time i have tried anything like this so may from time to time ask for help or advise. Please see photos below of the first part of my table i have built

Here is the table with a small track i have setup just to give me something to do until i get more wood to complete the rest

i'm building the track against the back wall of the garage but i'm keeping it narrow so i can reach if a car comes off. The rest of the table will be to the right and i plan for it to be a "U" shape.

I haven't thought of a theme yet for the track or any layout. After looking round the net the best advise seems to be to build your table first and experiment with different layouts till you find one that works great. Only thing I have managed to come up with is the name and a logo.

I will update my status as i make more progress

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Is that drainage pipe? What is the diameter?
Looks great to me.

Seems it is easier to get low power LEDs from Asia on the "auction" site and power them with a separate transformer for lighting.
That seems to be the trend for pit bay buildings on this forum.

Others will offer suggestions, I am sure.

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BTW, I love the logo for your track!

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Keep up the great work!
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QUOTE (Alan Bean @ 22 Aug 2012, 10:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...and lastly have invested in a Carrera Safety car, but this wouldn't run on my Scalextric Classic track so went on Ebay and got 6 new sport straights and r2 bends for under £20 - Bargain!!!

Is not that Carrera Safety Car an analog model? Then it SHOULD run on your Classic track... unless there is an issue with the guide or something else.

On another note... maybe you can help me.
I am considering buying a Carrera Safety Car and chipping it to run on Scalextric Digital... however, my question is about the lights... head and tail.
Do you know if the head lights and tail lights operate on this model? (I assume it is a Carrera Evolution model.)
If not, are there transparent lenses for the head and tail lights for doing a retro fit (i.e. installing my own lights behind the lenses)?

Greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.
And let us know why the safety car does not work on your track... a puzzle if it is analogue.

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Many thanks, Alan.
I am still tossing between the Carrera and Scalextric Safety Cars and how much work is required to convert each to SSD plus have flashing head/tail lights.
The Scalextric one has head/tail lights while the Carrera one will have to be retro fitted.

One further question... I presume the Carrera car is designed to take head/tail lights internally (i.e. no plastic obstructions to adding the lights) since the digital model comes with the full works.
Am I correct?
Thanks again.
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