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AB Speedway

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Hi there,

Well i'm building a track in my garage and thought i'd share my progress on the forum. this is the first time i have tried anything like this so may from time to time ask for help or advise. Please see photos below of the first part of my table i have built

Here is the table with a small track i have setup just to give me something to do until i get more wood to complete the rest

i'm building the track against the back wall of the garage but i'm keeping it narrow so i can reach if a car comes off. The rest of the table will be to the right and i plan for it to be a "U" shape.

I haven't thought of a theme yet for the track or any layout. After looking round the net the best advise seems to be to build your table first and experiment with different layouts till you find one that works great. Only thing I have managed to come up with is the name and a logo.

I will update my status as i make more progress

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I like your tunnel support.
If you're interested in lighting it it's easy enough.

Not a tunnel, but an overhang. Done with pre-wired super bright 3mm LEDs from that auction site SeaLevel mentioned. They're mounted in 'diffusers' made from the textured edge of a CD case.

Tunnel lit with 3 'wide angle' super bright LEDs from local electronics store. These have since been given a coat of Tamiya Clear Yellow because I didn't like the cold white light.

Have fun
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Tunnel is coming up well. I like the stone paint you've used on the interior. Hope the track is a fun challenge.

It'd be a good idea to treat the power rails with something seeing as you've buffed them up with an abrasive. Something that would coat them and protect them against further rust. Because of the minute scratches you've created on the rail, they will be more prone to rust, mainly at the sharp edges of those scratches. Doesn't really matter greatly what you use, there are many suitable products out there. WD40 will work but will need frequent re-application. RP7 and CRC5.56 will also do the job, both will require frequent reapplication. Of course, my favourite is Inox MX3, if you can get it, which doesn't dry and will only require re-application every 3 to 6 months depending on use.

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