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AB Speedway

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Hi there,

Well i'm building a track in my garage and thought i'd share my progress on the forum. this is the first time i have tried anything like this so may from time to time ask for help or advise. Please see photos below of the first part of my table i have built

Here is the table with a small track i have setup just to give me something to do until i get more wood to complete the rest

i'm building the track against the back wall of the garage but i'm keeping it narrow so i can reach if a car comes off. The rest of the table will be to the right and i plan for it to be a "U" shape.

I haven't thought of a theme yet for the track or any layout. After looking round the net the best advise seems to be to build your table first and experiment with different layouts till you find one that works great. Only thing I have managed to come up with is the name and a logo.

I will update my status as i make more progress

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On another note I have recently bought a Ninco Porsche as this car kinda means something to me. Well not the car but it's sister car was raced by my dad's mate in the GB Porsche Carrera Cup a few years back and I had the opportunity to go to some races and watch it.

The actual Pete Osborne Porsche

Cos i'm sad i compared the Ninco model against the actual team model of the car

Ninco (sutton's) porsche

It was nice to see and to purchase something that i can race and relate to and hope to get some more Porsches to have my own Porsche Carrera cup races with friends.
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I got some more plaster cloth and spent some good time (4 hours the wife moaned) locked away in the garage yesterday (good friday) and finished off the hills and the banks of my pond.

Going to get some Polyfiller and smooth out the rest of the table and fill in the gaps betwen teh track and the table and then can start painting!!!

Here's some pictures of the finished hills with some trees i have placed on as good some friends coming round to race on the track tonight.

Tunnel entrance

Tunnel exit

Over the tunnel

Looking over the tunnel to the far grandstand

The back straight leading away from the grandstand

Have bought my tickets for the UK Slot festival and hope (never been before) that i can pick up an old grandstand and some spectators at the stalls there. If not i can always buy some more cars. The wife moans when i buy a new car, don't think she understands you can't have too many cars lol
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Nice work with the plaster cloth Alan, track is really starting to take shape. I do like the look of the tunnel and mountain on your track. Keep up the good work and definately your progress pics.


Keep up the great work!
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Thanks for the comments guys, they mean a lot to someone who's doing this for the first time. I'm pleased with the plastercloth as it's the first time I've used it and surprised how easy it is to use. Just playing with filler and will post some more photos soon.

Looks good Alan, my track is also in a garage/outbuilding and im sat here tempted to go and pull my track apart and start again! mine was a first attempt track and wish i had played around more with track designs, saying that i'm quite happy with it i guess!

how did you find the plaster cloth? i have used it once, not on scenery but on my wifes 8 month pregnant belly! I found it quite messy but then we were giggling away whilst i moulded it onto her! i found newspaper brushed with a watered down PVA worked quite well, sets quite quickly too and did try expanding foam too.

Hi Dan, found the plqstercloth messy at first but it was okay and dried quicker than I thought it would. I found the more expensive woodlands scenic cloth was better than the rolls I bought off amazon. The out building is a nice place to build the track as it's out of the wife's way and somewhere for me to go, but yeah I've been tempted a few times to stop and start again but I'm going to stick with this for a few years I think.

Have been busy with the filler and i'm pretty happy that it is level with the track and the cars run over it good. Haven't got any photos of the filler as i forgot to take them. I have bought some brown kids poster paint from the Range and have started painting my hills as i'm happy with this part of the track. I have split my tracks into two halves, the scenic hilly section and the pit / paddock section.

Here's some pictures of the first coat of brown:

and some after i'd applied the second coat:

Have also painted the inside of a cave i have at the side of the hill with a black aerosol

When this dries i've got an idea to glue some foil, which has been crunched up and then rolled back out, on my vertical walls and then to paint this a few coats of black and then a dark grey to look like stone. I have seen it done elsewhere and thought it looked good. Hopefully the hill won't need another coat of brown so will probably start with the flock soon

On another note i am off to the slot festival tomorrow and can't wait. Hope to pick some goodies up from the swapmeet and can't wait to have a good look round and try the tracks. I have never been before and can't wait. This is the only event that i'm attending this year as the wife has booked a holiday the same time as the Osset swapmeet, which is the first slot event i went to and ended up joining the NSCC there last year and feel bad i can't attend this years event. I will go say hi to the people at the NSCC stand tomorrow too. Hopefully i'll have some new toys to try on my newly painted track tomorrow evening

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Have a great day tomorrow - I'm really looking forward to it as well!

Best Regards,

It's been a while since i updated this thread and can't believe it was in May before the slot festival.

Well had fun at the festival and couldn't believe how busy it was. Got some good buys and a stinker that i haven't yet sorted out as i don't know who i bought it from as got no reciept.

Firstly the good buys, which were these two old Scalextric grandstands which is what i was after as i had been watching some on Ebay that went for too much.

Also bought a SCX dewalt morgan to race along side the dewalt TVR i already have. The stinker is the Ninco Lowes Acura which has a blown motor which doesn't work. Need to get a new motor for this to race it against my audi R8

Since May my dad and i have made our own pit garage which now just needs painting

For a rock effect on my straight walls i have glued some crumpled foil and i'm painting over it. Firstly with a matt black and then a grey. Not yet done the grey

and lastly have invested in a Carrera Safety car, but this wouldn't run on my Scalextric Classic track so went on Ebay and got 6 new sport straights and r2 bends for under £20 - Bargain!!!

That's it for now, i'm busy working on my pond as not happy with it and rebuilding it (that's pond on the layout not an actual pond)

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QUOTE (Alan Bean @ 22 Aug 2012, 10:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...and lastly have invested in a Carrera Safety car, but this wouldn't run on my Scalextric Classic track so went on Ebay and got 6 new sport straights and r2 bends for under £20 - Bargain!!!

Is not that Carrera Safety Car an analog model? Then it SHOULD run on your Classic track... unless there is an issue with the guide or something else.

On another note... maybe you can help me.
I am considering buying a Carrera Safety Car and chipping it to run on Scalextric Digital... however, my question is about the lights... head and tail.
Do you know if the head lights and tail lights operate on this model? (I assume it is a Carrera Evolution model.)
If not, are there transparent lenses for the head and tail lights for doing a retro fit (i.e. installing my own lights behind the lenses)?

Greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.
And let us know why the safety car does not work on your track... a puzzle if it is analogue.

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I didn't know this but after investigating why the car stopped abruptly on the classic track, i found the track depth is shallower on Scalextric Classic than Sport and so the bottom of the guide rail on the Carrera Safety car was catching the plastic "cross members" that run accross the slots on the bottom of the track. I could have just filed down the guide rail but it gave me an excuse to update the rest of the track.

The only lights that work on the Safety car are the yellow lightson the roof, the tail lights and headlights don't work. The car has clear front lenses which have a chrome insert behind them and the rear lights are red clear lenses so you should be able to retro fit some lights.

Hope this helps,

Many thanks, Alan.
I am still tossing between the Carrera and Scalextric Safety Cars and how much work is required to convert each to SSD plus have flashing head/tail lights.
The Scalextric one has head/tail lights while the Carrera one will have to be retro fitted.

One further question... I presume the Carrera car is designed to take head/tail lights internally (i.e. no plastic obstructions to adding the lights) since the digital model comes with the full works.
Am I correct?
Thanks again.
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I haven't read this thread previous to tonight and i have to say you have given me some great ideas for my up and coming scenery project.
I'm new to the scenery side of things and the methods you have used seem easy and effective.
Good work, keep it up

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