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abarth 1000 le mans 1969

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i am a guy from germany and i will show you now one of my latest works.
my special interest is on -le mans -cars in particular cars running during 50th-80th based on different slot car kit manufactures.
i always try to build up the motorposition of my models similar to the original so i can create tri dimensional cockpit inserts. no magnet use.
as well all my slot car models are fitted with lighting system.
have a look.............

best regards

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first thanks a lot all for the warm welcome at the -sf- and the compliments for the model.
the body/shell is part of a slotcar kit available from the french manufacture -gmc-. ( dominique finazzi )
you can see it at the following website :
the chassis is made from a -scalextric- minicooper from which i used the motor-amount;
to get a sidewinder position; the frontpart is done by me. -gmc- recommands a inliner motoramount,
but this position does not allow to design a tridimensional cockpit construction.

@ reckless racer : you are right, the spelling is a little bit wrong......but nevertheless the meaning sounds good.
@ zagato e frank t. : finally i got the way to join ..........
@ choc-ice : here are two pics from the beginning of the -project-

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hello wbb 1978,

thanks for compliment to my paintwork at the abarth. paintwork it´s always thrilling for me.................
the - bonnet straps - are composed from a bought foto etched store part element and a very thin paperstripe on the back.
the paper ( width 0.5mm circa ) is bonded on the back of the strap to create a minimal distance between the surface of the
body and the rear side of the very fine thin metal. i think this way the strap ( or other elements like this ) gets -volume-.
and - you can see it well on the cockpit detail picture - it generates a little shadow on the body !

i hope i could explain it ...........


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1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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