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(Posted on behalf of Phil B, aka 'Aberstone' in Abergavenny - South Wales. I had a chance to drive on this track last year during the Wye Valley Rally)

Just a few bits of info on the track.

It's an 8x4 sheet of Kingspan insulation board with 4mm ply glued to it and cut into three sections for easy transportation. Scalex classic track with three crossovers painted with smooth black weathershield paint for the tarmac area, a wet look forestry section and a white gloss painted snow section with Norwegian style log cabin made by Douglas Pocock (thanks mate).

The uphill alpine section was made from layers of kingspan shaped and painted, cork tiles are used for the track side and the old wire brush in the electric drill makes the rough bits and water filled ditches. Log piles and tree stumps were made from bits of our christmas tree with trees being inserted into brass tube and are removable for transportation.

Marshals and farmer with shotgun have had their bases removed and brass rod up through the foot slots into brass tube in the cork tiles, which also can be layered and made into rough stone walls.

Timing is Ninco and a good lap time will be in the 19 seconds and of course the track can be run in reverse.

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