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14 to post that the government has no business telling them what light bulbs to use.

38 to link posts about gov't & light bulbs.

146 to argue about which political party is at fault for the whole "light bulb" thing.

1 moderator to remind members that this is not a light bulb forum & to keep political postings off of the forum.

1 member posting a link to that auction site where you can get light bulbs cheap.

1 mod reminding members not to post links to non-sponsor's websites.

4 members to pm the mod to complain about pm's from other members about politics & light bulbs.

1 member to be banned for harassing other members about their personal light bulb choices.

2 members pm'ing the mod to make funny observations about the banned member.

1 newbie asking which light bulb needed changing & why & how did you change it.

23 members afraid to respond to the newbie's post for fear of getting flamed or starting the whole thing all over again, again.

1 member making a wisecrack about the newbie.

1 mod to lock the thread.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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