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Absolutly nothing to do with Slot Cars...

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Big John...

Bet I could make some quick money this way....

Oh and incase you wondered, I haven't bid.

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We could have a new survey on SF. There must be quite a few button mags surplus to car requirements!

QUOTE (Fergy @ 15 Mar 2004, 22:40)What happens when I put my hand in the cutlery drawer?

What if I touch someone's chest and they're wearing a pacemaker?

Why do my video tapes seem to be blank after handling them?

Why shouldn't I shake hands with another user?
You're only supposed to wear them when you're asleep so unless your partner or you have a pacemaker, or you sleep walk and tidy your video cabinet then you should be ok

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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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